Saturday, April 7, 2012

Positano Wedding Photographer

Today is a good day! Why? Because i've just found my Positano, Italian wedding photographer. Oh did i forget to tell you... I want to get married in Italy (as well as a few other places). When i first started researching Positano on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, i quickly became frustrated because i couldn't find a wonderful, modern photographer who works from there. I was looking for somebody whose photo style is up to the wonderful standard we have become accustomed to in Australia (and USA). Well today i found him.

Alfonso Longobardi offers creative, contemporary, award-winning photography throughout Italy. His work is beautiful reportage style photography, blended with elements of fine art, high fashion and fun. Working his magic discreetly on your wedding day, Alfonso is able to capture all those beautiful special moments and emotions that you will treasure forever.

And then there is the wedding of this drop-dead-gorgeous couple,
Tyron and Charl, at Positano Town Hall.

And finally, the wedding of Rachael and Mark

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4 Love Notes:

cg said...

Thanks for posting this. We are getting married in Positano in 4 months and actually almost booked Alfonso but at the last minute decided to go with another local, Gianluca Adovasio...check him out too...very similar styles

Frog Princess said...

Ohhh I am sooo jealous!! You are so lucky to be getting married in Positano. I will have a look at Gianluca's photography. Please email me when you have your wedding. I'd love to see your photos. Best of Luck. I think you are so lucky xo

cg said...

yes, yes...very lucky. We are getting married there in 4 months. Never been before but it's exciting to see other weddings featured there too. Just gets us more and more excited! Will be sure to keep you posted on how Positano is/was for us :)

ps...i'm loving your blog

Frog Princess said...

I can't wait to hear about your wedding in Positano! I haven't been there either but still i am obsessed with the place and it's on my list of places to get married..hehehe.

I was actually at my local farmers market this morning and was thinking of Positano because i bought a whole heap of lemons to make homemade lemonade and i know Positano is famous for lemons!!

I'll be counting down the days till your wedding too! I'm soooo jealous!!!

Thanks for enjoying my blog. It keeps me motivated to keep writing. xoxo