Monday, April 23, 2012

Luscious Lemonade Stand

I have finally found something that i can cook... well okay, so it's not really cooking, but it does involve being in the kitchen doesn't it? I have recently perfected a wonderful lemonade recipe and i'm completely obsessed with my little drink. Incorporating a rustic, vintage lemonade stand at your wedding, or having a lemonade themed engagement shoot is simply the sweetest thing. It just goes to show that once again, everything old is new again! I LOVE homemade lemonade!

The leader of the new age Lemonade brigade in Australia is without a doubt, Monique Bowley of The Little Van That Could. Monique takes her retro van on tour to all the coolest festivals in Adelaide where she sells her homemade Lemonade. Business is so good that she recently started bottling her homemade goodness and is now adding milkshakes to her van of treats. The Little Van That Could can also be hired for parties, weddings and bridal showers. Monique's story is truly inspiring and i'm so glad to see somebody in Australia making a living out of what i've always dreamt of doing. I love The Little Van That Could.

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