Sunday, April 1, 2012

Feathered Headdress Engagement Shoot

The feather headdress inspired by American Indians are catching my eye of late... or maybe i'm still in my tipi tent wedding obsession mode (click here to see my article). Either way today i am obsessing over the feathered headdress. If you are looking for fashionable ideas for a bohemian styled engagement shoot consider a few fun and chic shots with a funky feathered headdress. Channel your inner Pocahontas and embrace the Navajo trend by donning a charismatic head piece. Your shoot can be everything from sexy to cute and stylish... one things for sure, it will be a whole lot of fun!

Okay Okay... so once i started on this article i couldn't stop! These indian feathered headdress just photograph so gosh-damn beautifully and i just had to show you all the stylish photo's i found. I'm crazy about this styling.
Row 3: Coiffure
Row 9: via Pinterest, Teresa Does it
Row 10: via My Stylist Says
Row 11: via Follow Frisby
Row 13: via Elle-c blog

And if you think that feathered headdresses have nothing to do with weddings, well think again. I've previously written about this sensational Bali wedding photographed by Jonas Peterson... here are a few shots of the bride and the wonderful feathered headdress she created.

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