Monday, January 30, 2012

I Don't Ever Want To Live Without You

Image via Elle magazine

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Flower Crowns

It seems the English really love their crowns, and they don't necessarily have to be gold or diamond encrusted either. Following the lead of English brides, Kate Middleton and Kate Moss, who both had their flowergirls wear floral halo's at their recent nuptials. Flower crowns are a super-pretty hot trend.

Don't be mislead, flower crowns aren't only for precious flower girls,
they are the perfect fashionable bridal accessory for a
beach, boho or country chic bride too...
the proof is in the pictures...swooonnnn !!

Row 2: via pinterest
Row 5: via pinterest

As featured in 2012 edition Discerning Bride magazine
as part of my Hot Trend List.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Discerning Bride Magazine 2012 edition

One of the best things about January is that all the annual editions of the top bridal magazines are published. They bring with them so many wonderful ideas, inspiration and glamorous images. This year i was particularly excited about Queensland's Discerning Bride magazine hitting the stands... and for a very good reason too.

Late last year, the wonderful editor Carla Adams contacted me and invited me to submit some articles and details about what's on my wedding radar right now. During the process of writing, I contacted some photographers to request copies of their beautiful photo's to accompany my stories. I was completely overwhelmed with the kindness and willingness of some of the worlds best wedding photographers to supply me with copies of (and the free rights to!!) their photographs. I'm talking about Elizabeth Messina (aaarrggghhh... i die !!!), Jose Villa (aarrgghh, i've got one last breathe left... i die again), Tec Petaja, John & Joseph Photography and local genius Marcus Bell of Studio Impressions. Seriously, how many of us are guilty of skimming through magazines only looking at the pictures? A picture tells a thousand words, and without the support, kindness and generosity of these photographers i'm not sure my words would have made it to print. I can't even begin to express how forever grateful i am to these photographers. And i beg readers to admire and enjoy the work of the photographers who are featured alongside my articles in this years Discerning Bride magazine. They truly deserve the credit.

I also hope that you enjoy my profile story and all the other wedding goodness and inspiration i share in the magazine. Thank you so much to Carla and Discerning Bride for all your support.

As seen in Discerning Bride

Here are a list of the photographers who were the most amazing people
to deal with when i was compiling my articles.
I adore you all sooo much and thank you for your support:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ombre Trend

Ombre literally means gradation in French and refers to the fading of a colour from dark to light. The ombre trend is as strong as ever and has been seen in everything from hair colours to cakes, fashion and home wares. Incorporating a creative ombre theme into your wedding makes a very strong fashion statement and looks absolutely amazing! This is definitely one of my favourite trends in styling at the moment. How good does it look? !!!

The undeniable Queen of the ombre gown is Gwen Stefani. Her John Galliano pink ombre wedding gown was the perfect fit for her fashionable style.

Actress Zoe Saldana also knows how to rock an ombre gown. I am actually crazy for the gorgeous sparkling top on this Versace gown. Love it !!