Saturday, April 14, 2012

Porter Hooded Chair- Wedding Styling

The French Porter chair has become the object du jour in the interior decorating world. A statement piece that brings drama and personality to a room. Back in the day, the chair was placed by the front door of a chateau and used by the porter who would screen visitors and guests. Since there were often cold breezes near the front door the chair was designed to envelope and keep the servant relatively warm. Today, the chair is a talking point, a stylish addition to a home and often seen in glamorous restaurants around the world.

Row 1: Bergdorf Goodman, Blue Magnolia Events
Row 2: Bergdorf Goodman, Architectural Digest

This pretty piece of furniture is simply too good to just sit in an empty room... why not incorporate a porter chair in your wedding styling, or your engagement photos. I think it's just begging to have a bride sat in one surrounded by her glamorous bridesmaids. Very Vogue-esque. And how cool do the guys look in it!! This is uber-cool and very now!!

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