Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Peacock Wicker Chair Trend Alert

This has got nothing to do with weddings really, but everything to do with being a thing of beauty! Wicker peacock chairs are on my radar, big time! My love for them exploded whilst i was sitting getting my hair done in Paris and saw this super-sexy photoshoot (row 1 below). Then when i arrived at my friends place to watch the royal wedding, what was sitting on her patio?... a vintage peacock chair!! They remind me a lot of my Mum and her funky style in the 70's. How amazing would it be to see one of these used in a fabulous engagement shoot, or a bohemian styled bride perched upon one. I could sooo see Elizabeth Messina using a peacock chair in a Delphine Manivet catalogue shoot. Love it !!

Row 2: Fleur Wood

Sunday, May 29, 2011

2011 Summer Collection by Collette Dinnigan

I'm a bit late in writing about this... but it's not really going to matter much, because the 2011 Summer collection by Collette Dinnigan is stunning no matter what season !! I adore the delicate, feminine lace detailing. Everything is so 'girly' and princess fairytale like, yet completely fashion forward. Personally i think this is Collette's best collection.

View the entire 2011 Summer Collection at

Cosmopolitan Bride Winter 2011 issue featured editorial fashion shoots with these gorgeous Collette Dinnigan dresses... with price tags !!! (i love price guides).

Row 1: $2,990 AUD
Row 2: $4,490 AUD
Row 3:$3,890 AUD and $4,190 AUD

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Win A Brisbane Wedding At Hillstone St Lucia

Brisbane Brides listen up !! You only have a few days to enter an amazing competition to WIN your dream wedding. Hillstone St Lucia is giving away a $30,000 wedding package!

To enter simply submit either 600 words or a 5 minute video presentation introducing yourself and your fiance and explain why you deserve to win a free wedding.

The deadline for entries is May 31, 2011, with the winner being announced on June 30, 2011... so hurry hurry rush rush... What have you got to lose? If i had a frog prince i would be entering... hop to it !!!

Here is the link to enter... Hillstone St Lucia

Entrants are also featured on Hillstone St Lucia Facebook page

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bush Turkey Studios

It's not often that i write about, and publish full weddings on here, i know i should but i'm very, very picky and it takes a lot to blow me away... which is exactly what happened when i stumbled upon the wedding of Julia and Andy. Bush Turkey Studios have stopped me in my tracks with their sensational photography. A-mazing !!! There are simply way too many beautiful photos for me to show you here, so check out Bush Turkey Studios for the full story.

View the entire wedding, reception and 'day after' shoot at