Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Every Dog Has His Day

Creating your wedding invitation list can be a grueling task. You want to make sure your special day is shared with all your very best friends, that's why so many couples are choosing to include man's best friend in their day... and asking their much loved dog to be their fun-loving ring bearer.

Row 4: Martha Stewart Weddings

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let's Hear It For The Boys

When it comes to planning your wedding photos, don't leave the boys out in the cold. Okay, so most guys are not too eager or comfortable to stand in front of the camera, so why not set-up some fun, quirky, 'blokey' shots, that will see them relax and leave you with some super-hot shots. It might even help to post a few images on your fridge or notice board leading up to your wedding day... you'd be surprised how much they take notice of them and re-enact the poses.

Row 5: Instyle Weddings, Instyle Weddings (Joe Don Rooney weds Tiffany Fallon)
Row 7: Leigh Webber Photography, Green Wedding Shoes
Row 8: Trendsetting wedding, Hollye Schumacher Photography

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sarah O'Hare & Lachlan Murdoch

I have kept these magazine clippings for years, and have scoured the internet to find them again, but to no avail. So please excuse the poor quality of the images, but I just had to share this glamorous, elegant wedding with you.

It was Australia's wedding of the decade when Lachlan Murdoch, son of billionaire media magnate Rupert Murdoch, married Australian supermodel Sarah O'Hare, 26, in 1999.

The intimate wedding, held at the family's New South Wales estate, was veiled in secrecy, with only 100 close friends and family invited. After exchanging vows, in a chapel that was specially constructed for the day, the happy couple shared champagne cocktails with their guests and enjoyed a spectacular sunset fireworks display.

Mr & Mrs Lachlan Murdoch

Sarah O'Hare and Lachlan Murdoch exchanged vows in a specially constructed outdoor chapel
at the Murdoch's riverside estate, before 100 close family and friends.

Carrying a bouquet of old-fashioned roses, Sarah looked stunning in an elegant bridal gown
of silk layered in tulle, georgette and satin and a silk veil.

The couples parents Rupert and Anna Murdoch and Patrick and Carol O'Hare.

The newlyweds with Lachlan's sister Elisabeth, brother James, half-sister Prudence MacLeon
and Elisabeth's daughter Cornelia.

Sarah is given shelter from the rain as she walks to the chapel.

Sarah's close friend (and designer of her gown ), Collette Dinnigan, says
"There love is empowering, contagious and obvious. You can't help smiling in their presence."

The stunning bridal party.

I can't resist sharing a few more photos of the couple, they are just so glamorous.
Lachlan and Sarah met on a boat in Sydney Harbour when a friend hired the boat for a photo shoot and in the evening held a dinner party, to which both were invited.

Photo credits: Hello magazine/ Newspix Australia

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kiss Me Again !!

I simply can't get enough of kisses on the forehead... as these amazing photo's show, there is nothing on earth as beautiful, sweet and endearing. Catch Me, I'm Falling !!!!!

Row One: Cotton Idea, Anne Colin
Row Two: Jose Villa
Row Three: Mi Belle Photography, jessie leake photography

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dresses on the Big Screen

Every girl loves a good movie wedding, and there have been some very memorable ones. The dresses, the extravagance and the joy of it all... inspiration abound.

Bride Wars show-cased Vera Wang on stars Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson

The much-anticipated Sex and The City wedding

Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries

A scene from 27 Dresses at an Amsale show room

Jennifer Lopez stars in The Monster-in-Law

The Wedding Planner saw Elizabeth Shu almost walk down the isle in this elegant Vera Wang

Though not a movie, who can forget Stefanie Seymour in Guns' n 'Roses film clip for November Rain