Sunday, January 31, 2010

You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Rain, hail, snow or shine, a pretty umbrella or parasol is not only functional, but will make for some great photo opportunities on your wedding day.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Picked The Wrong One...

This post is very un-wedding and non-loving of me, but you see, I have a very, very bad habit of picking the wrong guys... lets call them toads. There is one thing my past 3 boyfriends have had in common, and that is that they have all been fresh out of marriages, and newly single. I don't know if i have an inbuilt magnet for these toads or if perhaps my purpose on earth is as an Angel and to heal the broken hearts of these fools (sadly in the end I am left with a crushed heart whilst they joyously move on, and then the next girl they date, they marry, have babies with and live happily ever after). hhhhmmmmm.

In any case, I can be a bit of a 'Pollyanna' and look for the rainbow in every situation, so, though a separation and divorce is soul destroying, it's also a time to celebrate (no point wollowing about someone who doesn't reciprocate wonderful love). Holding a divorce party is gaining popularity, and what a great way to 'untie the knot'. Why not mark the day you let go of the past, move forward and hopefully fall madly, madly, madddlllyyy in love with someone who will appreciate, love and adore you forever ! "Till death do you part"... well i'm sorry darling, but you did stay true to your vows because your marriage is dead, and it's time you 'do part' !!! So, get a grip and find someone new and fabulous to spend the rest of your life happily with. You DO deserve true love !! What are you waiting for?

From Sydney Morning Herald: Most Australians agree with the proposition that marriage is for life. But most also think it is perfectly all right for unhappy couples to divorce, even if they have children. Ruth Weston, from The Australian Institute of Family Study, states that "People believe you have to go into marriage thinking it is for life," she states. "They believe marriage should be a serious commitment. But they acknowledge the ideal may not pan out, hopes will be dashed, and as the course of the marriage unfolds, the ideal may need to be set aside."

Row 2: CafePress
Row 5: Both images Telegraph
Row 7: Both images Smack News
Final image: Kingdom of Style (keep calm & carry on)

Dannii Minogue & Julian McMahon Wedding

How wonderful that Dannii Minogue has finally found love with her new boyfriend, Kris Smith. The couple recently announced that they are excepting a child together, and they both seem to be delighted and genuinely happy and in love.

I still remember when Dannii Minogue married actor Julian McMahon in Melbourne in 1994. I couldn't stop looking at the photos. As a young girl, I thought it was the most beautiful wedding ever. With big sister Kylie by her side, it was labelled "Wedding of the year", but sadly the union did not even last 2 years before the couple divorced. Still, I'm sure it was a day they will always remember, for better or for worse ??

Wedding photos via: Trump Events

I also remember jumping around my bedroom singing "This is it", a song Dannii released and Julian starred in the film clip to. These photos from the video (and other shoots) are just gorgeous, they both look very much in love. and smitten with each other. I guess it also helps that they are both "model beautiful". Still... dreamy.

You smiled at me,
And suddenly,
The wheels of love began to turn inside of me.
You said hello,
I felt a glow,
Right then and there I knew I'd never let you go.

'Cos I know,
This is it,
This time I know it's the real thing.
I can't explain what I'm feeling,
I'm lost for words,
I'm in a daze,
Stunned and amazed,
By your open ways.
This is it !!

Other photos via: Julian McMahon

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Love is Just A Word

Love is just a word... until someone you meet gives it a proper meaning.

Love can taste like the wine on the age, baby.
And I know they all look so good from a distance,
But I tell you I'm the one.
I know everybody here wants you.
I know everybody here thinks she needs you,
And I'll be waiting right here just to show you,
How our love will blow it all away.

- Jeff Buckley "Everybody Here Wants You"

Row 5: both images via Real Weddings magazine
Row 6: Cartier Ring via ioffer, Flickr