Saturday, October 24, 2009

Your Love Takes Me Higher

I think every bride magazine and every bride blog / website has written a feature on balloons, and as much as I tried to not be the same as everyone else, I simply can't resist.

When i was growing up I always dreamt of being proposed to in a room filled with balloons. I imagined opening the door to this stunning room over-flowing with balloons. Then, my Frog Prince would appear amongst them, and ask me to be his Princess. Of course, I'd reply 'yes'. Then the fun begins !! He'd tell me that I have to find my diamond ring. That it is hidden in one of the many balloons in the room and it is up to me to find it (although I think in reality it might be safer being a cheap replica of the engagement ring put inside the balloon. It would be just my luck that it would go missing or something).

Well a girl can only dream. hhhhhmmmm... actually it would be perfect because then our engagement and wedding photos / theme could incorporate balloons because of their significance... i'm back off to dream land now.

Row 2: Michele M Waite (both photos)
Row 3: Max Wagner, Studio This Is (via Betsy White), Cosmopolitan Bride
Row 4: Bride To Be Magazine, Dior Advertising Campaign, Martha Stewart

I'll keep dreaming that one day it will be me in these photos searching my room full of balloons for my diamond engagement ring... with little breaks for sips of Champagne to celebrate, and tons of kisses xxx

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