Friday, October 16, 2009

Popcorn Bar

After my last post on Donuts, I got to thinking about other simple in-expensive sweets you could add to a dessert bar. These fabulously glamourous popcorn flutes prove that it's all about the presentation. And...they are so simple to make. This is how i would make them.

1. Download an image, page border or illustration in the theme of your wedding.
2. Adjust the size of the image so it will fit nicely in a standard champagne flute.
3. Copy and paste the image to fit on an A4 page.
4. Load your printer with transperency paper and print the number required.
5. Cut out each square image.
6. Form the paper into a cone shape and place inside the champagne flutes.
7. Fill with your favourite flavour of popcorn.
8. Enjoy !!

Photo credit: Utterly Engaged

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