Friday, October 16, 2009

Sky Wish Lanterns

I've always dreamt of having fireworks at my wedding... fireworks are one of my favourite things (you only have to see how giddy with excitement i get at Brisbane's River Fire to know that). But of course, fireworks are extremely expensive and also difficult to arrange.

You can imagine my joy when I came across Sky Lanterns today. They are so gorgeous and magical, plus they add extra entertainment-value to your wedding, as you need all your guests to participate to release them.

Sky Lanterns, or Wish Lanterns, have a little cube of parafin wax that comes with each one. You simply light the parafin, hold the lantern whilst it fills with hot air and then when its ready, let it go and enjoy the magic of the moment.

Don't worry, they are completely bio-degradable and are made of non-flammable paper. Once the parafin is all burnt out the lanterns come back down to earth.

Need more convincing? I found this comment from a bride on You and Your Wedding...

"Sky lanterns were included as part of our wedding package with the hotel where we had our ceremony and reception, and I didn't have a clue what to expect.All I can say is, they were brilliant, and I would highly recommend them.

I think we had 6 lanterns, and they suggested that we have 3-4 people to let off each one.We let them off at midnight, as soon as the disco had ended, and it was a brilliant way of keeping the mood going for a little bit longer, but it also meant that everyone left the room where the disco had been and gave the hotel staff chance to turn it back into a restaurant ready for the following morning.

As I said before, I hadn't got a clue what to expect, but I found myself thinking that the lanterns were going up to heaven to see my Dad, so I found the experience very moving.As for cost, then I can't help you on that one, as they were included in the package, but I would definitely say "do it" if you can."

Though i didn't use any of their images, I did make note of an Australian based company Above Ground Zero Fireworks , who sell and distribute the sky wish lanterns. How much are these star-light wonders? $26.40 for a pack of 6... They are definately on my list !!

2 Love Notes:

Anonymous said...

Great idea. I adore fireworks but cant aford them, so this seems perfect

Samuel Burns said...

Love them, great effect.