Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Dough No Much...But I know I love U

As we all know the world has recently gone cupcake crazy. Cupcake towers, cupcake favors and cupcake dessert bars... anything cupcake was rigueur du jour.

Well brace yourself, I've found the next big thing... Donuts !! And I seriously mean, "i've discovered them" (I think i've gained at least 5 kg because my Frog Prince keeps spoiling me and bringing home sensational caramel and custard filled donuts from our local French patisserie Le Bon Choix).

Delicious, decadent and divine, these little morsels are bound to be a hit (and a perfect theme addition if your fiance is a Homer Simpson fan). Create a wedding donut tower, serve as petit fours or leave a personalized box of donuts in your guests room for an 'Isn't life sweet' treat after the wedding. Wedding donuts are all round fun !!

2 Love Notes:

Paula said...

What a great idea ! I've been looking for something different from cupcakes. This is great!

Mary said...

Donut King here i come ! Yum