Thursday, March 22, 2012

Julie Whitehead Cakes... Oh My !!!!

Today's wedding industry professional is going straight to the top of my lust list. I mean seriously !!! Have you ever seen anything so insanely delectable as this cake and chocolate table? Julie of Julie Whitehead Cakes is the genius behind this decadent display that has had me sitting with my jaw on the floor for the past few hours. Her exotic chocolate flowers are the most amazing pieces of art i have ever seen... yes, even better than anything i've seen in Paris.

As a chocolatier, Julie has developed a unique and distinct style... her cakes are true art pieces that demand the attention of a room. With her flair for design, Julie can create your dream cake no matter what your wedding style. What you will be left with is a master piece that will be guaranteed to be one of the biggest talking points of your wedding! Julie's motto is 'Live Your Dream', and that's exactly what she will see you doing as you cut your cake as newly pronounced husband and wife.

Here is a sample of Julie Whiteheads spectacular cake designs.

Julie also makes sweet little chocolate place cards. Yummmm !!

See more divine creations at Julie Whitehead Cakes

3 Love Notes:

julie Whitehead said...

Nicky!!! You are just too gorgeous for words.. thank you xx

Frog Princess said...

Your work simply amazes me! I hope one day i will book into one of your classes and learn your secrets. I know one thing! When i find my frog prince, i will be booking you for my wedding !!!

Spencer said...

Those wedding chocolates look amazing! I reckon I could eat about 100 of them :)