Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wedding Nouveau Boho Fairytale

I can't begin to explain the excitement i feel when i stumble across gorgeous photography. I am doing cartwheels of joy today after spending hours scrolling through this spectacular inspiration shoot by Picotte Weddings.

The shoot was created for the premiere issue of a wonderful magazine called Wedding Nouveau. A magazine that 'dreams in culture' and celebrates intercultural brides and multi-ethnic weddings. The concept of this shoot was simple... a bohemian love story in three parts, the proposal, the elopement and the escape. There's so much to love about these photos... the styling, the colours, the seductive beauty... I am in absolute awe of this creative brilliance. Kudos to Wedding Nouveau Magazine, you blew my veil off with this !!

The Proposal

The Elopment

The Escape

Photography by Picotte Weddings

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