Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cloche / Bell Jar Wedding Table Decor

Cloches, or bell jars, are certainly not a new idea, they have been around for decades and were originally used by the French to protect plants from frost. Today the cloche has moved beyond the garden and into the wonderful world of decorating. I first fell in love with the cloche in Paris, where they are often used in candle displays. When you want to test the scent of the candle you lift the glass dome and inhale the scent that is concentrated inside the lid. Not only practical but also a beautiful display.

There are so many innovative ways to use the cloche in your wedding decor, from floral arrangements to table number displays and dessert table features. These simple glass domes make a stunning statement at your wedding, and will be a beautiful addition to your home after the wedding to display and protect your special pieces.

Row 6: Bakerella

When i was in Doha, Qatar recently i saw this gorgeous display of
cloches in a cafe. They certainly made everything look
so much sweeter. Cute as!!!

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angelwynx said...

I might agree with you that this cloche jar is gorgeous and can make your tablescape more classy and stunning. I always use this idea whenever we have an occasion to celebrate.

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Victoria said...

I have been using the cloche for beauty & display this year. I find myself dreaming up the next holiday or special vignette when creativity strikes me. Think I am hooked!!!!