Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chris Judd & Rebecca Twigley

This time last year Australian rules football player Chris Judd and model girlfriend Rebecca Twigley were busy preparing for their New Years Eve nuptials in Melbourne. The wedding of this super-gorgeous couple has gone to the top of my Australian celebrity weddings... this is definitely one of my most favourite.

Rebecca's J'Aton Couture gown is pure bridal candy... it's unbelievably exquisite and screams 'fashionista'. And then there are those bridesmaids dresses !!!... I die !! They are so sexy that there are moments where i thought they almost stole the attention away from the bride. This wedding is undeniably wedding fashion heaven !!... ohhhh and the groom doesn't look half bad either.

The New Years Eve celebration was nothing short of breath-taking. The Style Co. seriously worked their magic and created a spectacular affair. A five tier floral chandelier made from fluffy white hydrangra, peonies and romantic candles was the focal point of the room. Everything about this wedding was pure glamour, from the the invitation delivered in a box decorated with two gardenia flowers to the outdoor deck decorated with elegant white lounges, white flowers and over one hundred candles... it's all achingly stunning.

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