Saturday, December 3, 2011

Positano Weddings - Bellisimo !!

I often get asked where i would get married if i was ever to do so (still waiting for that frog to turn into a prince if you know what i mean). The thing is, i think i would have to have more than one wedding... seriously... because not only would i not be able to pick just one dress, but i also could not live without having a ceremony on the Amalfi Coast in Italy... Positano to be exact!

Positano was once a sleepy fishing village, until tourist and celebrities discovered it's beauty (and of course, it was featured in the cult movie 'Only You' with Marisa Tomei. Who can forget that scene with Billy Zane in the pool of Le Sirenuse Hotel?) . With it's dramatically steep cliffs and stunning multi-coloured hillside buildings, Positano is the picture-perfect location for a destination wedding. La dolce vita !!!!

Row 5: Grape Occassions, unknown
Row 16: via The Daily Muse

After you take your wedding vows, be sure to take a quick boat ride (with your photographer) over to Capri... you wouldn't want to miss out on wedding photos like this now would you?... swoonnnn !!

To make your marriage in Italy legal there's a few things you need to do...

Before you leave Australia: You'll need to get an Atto Notorio (Sworn Declaration) from the Italian Embassy or the Australian Consulate in the state where you live. You will both need to have your birth certificate with you, Australian passport and if you were married before, you will need evidence of the termination of the previous marriage.

Once in Italy: In addition to the Atto Notorio, you will need to make a Nulla Osta (Statutory Declaration) which must be signed in the presence of an Australian Consular officer at the Australian Embassy in Rome or Australian Consulate-General in Milan. A Nulla Osta literally states that 'there are no impediments', or that one is free to marry. The Nulla Osta must then be legalised by the Uffico Legalizzazioni of the Prefettura.

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