Sunday, October 16, 2011

Darb Bridal 'Matisse' Gown

I don't know what it is, but these damn Darb Bridal Couture gowns bring me to my knees everytime!! They bring out so many emotions in me, it's crazy! To look at designer Brad Webb's gowns on a computer screen, in a magazine or on the catwalk is one thing, but to get up close and personal with them is, oh my God a-mazing!! Every time i see a new gown in the window i notice something i never saw before (and that's coming from someone who is familiar with every single one of Brad's gowns... obsessed... yes!!). Like todays gown, Matisse, what i never noticed about her before, is that underneath the delicate layers of princess-pretty tulle, there are tiny little floral rose twirls mimicking the bodice. It is seriously stunning. A gown like this is fit only for the most wonderful of fashionista brides !!! Brad Webb you are seriously, ridiculously amazing !!

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