Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You Turn Me To Jelly!

I remember when i was first allowed to drink alcohol there was a craze of making vodka jelly shots... mmmm, cheeky vodka disguised in a child-loving food... who would have thought? Lately i love jelly because you can make the adorable creation called 'frog in a pond' (of course i call mine 'frog prince in a pond'), where you place a yummy chocolate Freddo frog in a mould of jelly. Today, i discovered the English company Bompas & Parr who have started a bespoke wedding jelly mould service. Brides keen to avoid stodgy wedding cake can order a huge wobbly tower of jelly customized with whichever mould, flavor and modern internal lighting you'd like.

The jelly towers at Bompas & Parr look amazing, but if you are not in London, why not create your own jelly tower with gorgeous vintage jelly moulds... isn't it wonderful how everything old is new again!!

Here are some other fun elegant ideas for jelly...
Champagne jellies, vodka jellies, blueberry martini jellies,
jelly parfait and fruit-infused vodka cubes.

Mmmm... reminds me of how every time i see my Frog Prince
he turns my heart to love-sick sweet jelly.

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