Thursday, July 1, 2010

When In Rome

I have to admit, i am a sucker for any romantic comedy movie... especially if there is a wedding dress involved. My latest find for some mindless escape was the movie, "When in Rome" starring the spunky Josh Duhamel and sugar-sweet Kristen Bell. Without going into the entire story, lets just say the movie starts with Ms Bell being an ambitious New Yorker who is disillusioned by love, but as you can see by the images below, she ends the movie wearing this gorgeous Amsale bridal gown. At first ithought it was a 'Vera' because of its delicate feminine ribbon, but i have discovered that the dress Kristen Bell wears in 'When in Rome' is actually the Amsale 'Tyler' gown. And personally I think it was a show-stopper in the movie!

Kristen also wears another Amsale dress in the movie to her sisters wedding,
this time it's a V neck jersey gown with ribbon.

Amsale V-Neck Jersey Gown (without ribbon)

And the bride wore this Kenneth Pool Ava gown.

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