Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Frog Princess Bridal Party

I think i would be, quite possibly, the easiest person to plan a bridal shower for. It so simple, i would have a Frog Princess / Prince party.

There are so many elements of this theme to play with, starting with the basics... mixing pretty princess pink with frog prince green. With the colour scheme arranged, the table could then be set with delicate tiaras for all my BFF's, and Juicy Couture Frog Prince charms (or tiara charms) as gifts. If i could still manage to move after devouring a mountain of Freddo frog chocolates, i would play a round of pin-the-crown on my Frog Prince (after indulging in an apple martini and pink champagne or two!)

Chatting and giggling over an Amy Atlas inspired dessert table, i'm not sure if it would be the champagne, the sugar, or the dream coming true of marrying my Frog Prince, that would have me giddy with love, happiness and excitement. One things for sure, i will no longer be singing "Someday my prince will come. Someday i'll find a love. And how thrilling that moment will be, when the prince of my dreams comes to me."

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