Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday Chasing Rainbows

Happy birthday Kissing Frogs!!

I can't believe its been one year since i started typing and publishing my crazy thoughts and dreams about weddings. Strangely, it was only yesterday that i questioned if anybody (other than Mum) actually reads this. Though i also believe that most bloggers go through this same thought process. In any case, i hope that i am able to continue sharing wonderful and inspirational ideas, images and thoughts to the magical world of weddings. Happy Birthday Chasing Rainbows Kissing Frogs... and remember...

In dreams you lose your heartaches

Whatever you wish for, you keep.

Have faith in your dreams and someday,

Your rainbow will come smiling through

No matter how your heart is grieving,

If you keep on believing,

The dream that you wish will come true !

2 Love Notes:

Polka Dot Bride said...

Happy Birthday!
I read! Every entry! Congratulations on a year of lovely posts!

Frog Princess said...

Thank you sooo much! Honestly, some days i do wonder if i am wasting my time writing... but then i find another picture that just sends me into wedding la la land, and now this week, i have had wonderful encouragement and gratitude from you. Thank you Polka Dot Bride, you are an inspiration !! xxxx