Monday, May 10, 2010

Alex Perry

I remember the first time I ever saw an Alex Perry wedding gown, it was in a magazine celebrating the wedding of Australian tv presenter Bridget Adams. I still have the picture with the then unknown designers name and phone number scrolled across it. I'd love to get more pictures of Ms Adams wedding but until now this scrapbook picture is all I have...

I genuinely thought that most Australian brides dreamed of wearing an Alex Perry gown, and that the moment the question was popped, she was rushing out to buy one of Alex's dresses. But recently, as i scoured through various bridal magazines, i've come to realize that not many brides are wearing his designs at all. It seems to me that the only time you see an Alex Perry wedding gown is if it's in an editorial shoot or if it's an Australian television presenter wearing one on her big day. Then, when i heard that Mr Perry charges $350 to even try on one his off-the-rack gowns on, well, it all kind of started to make sense.

Don't get me wrong... over the years i have admired many of his gowns, but recently I've been turned off by him. Perhaps it's the way he annoyingly has a pair of sunglasses permanently growing from the top of his bald head, or that his website fails to really showcase or sell any of the gowns at all... oh but it does proudly proclaim he is "Australia's most glamorous fashion designer." I'm not sure that as a bride I would be sold on his designs from these images... ?? I really am struggling to see his 'glamour' shining through in these shots.

I think these 'real brides' (see images below), do his gowns a lot more justice than the images on his website. What do you think?

Australian tv personalities appear to love Alex Perry gowns
(as seen on Jackie O, Erika Heynatz and Natalie Gruzlewski).

There's no guessing who Megan Gale will be going to when it's time
to design her wedding gown !

Images via Life

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Sydney NSW
Ph: (02) 9233 6555

Real brides images:
Row 3: Australian Bride Magazine

Australian tv personalities:
Row 1: Jackie O wedding via I-do
Row 2: Erika Heynatz wedding via I-do
Row 3: Natalie Gruzlewski wedding via The Knot

P.S. Please someone find me my love for Alex Perry again... i've definitely lost it... now if only he would lose those damn sunglasses !

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