Friday, April 30, 2010

My New Obsession... This Way - That Way

Where has the past week gone? I think i've managed to lose a few days in cyber space as i've waltzed through pages and pages of designers Spring 2011 bridal collections. If anything has come of it, it is this... i've decided i can never possibly get married! Honestly, i don't think i could do it. I mean, how would i ever be able to choose just one dress?

So it was during this week of cyber bridal dress shopping, that my obsession began... reception dresses! At one time it was customary for a bride to change into a 'going away' outfit to farewell her guests, as she and her husband left for their honeymoon. But nowadays it's not so much a wardrobe change for the holiday flight, instead a glamorous dress change is made to prepare for a night of dancing and partying with family and friends. With my dilemma of not possibly being able to choose just one wedding dress, i've formed an obsession for matching an equally glamorous, more comfortable, reception dress with traditional bridal gowns, that way being able to wear two gorgeous wedding dresses on your wedding day !! Yay !!!

And so here it is... This Way (the ceremony way), and That Way (the reception way), my new weekly post (or obsession) of gorgeous gowns.

That Way: Marchesa

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous dresses

Anonymous said...

Both these dresses are so pretty. thanks for showing.