Sunday, April 18, 2010

Forever Ring

I ran into an old colleague of mine today. She is a colourful, eccentric, bubble of life whose unique character catches the eye of all those in a room. As we sat and talked, she gleefully waved her hands around, adding drama to her stories. As much as her tales of love, her prince and her little tadpoles captured my attention, there was something else that captured my eye... the dazzling crystal rock on her finger.

When I finally caught her hand and stopped it from moving, I asked her about this magnificent creation. Just as I had thought, it was a Swarovski dress ring. "Darrrrlliinnnng," she began. "It's called forever. My husband gave it to me for our anniversary because it's called forever."

Looking at the ring online, you wouldn't really think anything of it. But in real-life, the clear crystal ring with the decorative pave cross-over detail is completely eye-catching ! I also discovered it comes in black... jet hematite. As much as i love black, the clear crystal just looks amazing!

If the forever ring is a bit too big and too bold for you, you should still have a look at Swarovski, they have some great piece of jewelry that would be ideal for gorgeous bridesmaid gifts.

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