Monday, April 12, 2010

James Packers First Wedding

Before Erica Baxter there was Jodie (now spelt J-o-d-h-i) Meares. In October 1999, James Packer married his long-term girlfriend at his families Bellvue Hill estate in Sydney. It seems Mr Jacker has a thing for big weddings... his first wedding, like his second, was staggeringly expensive, costing A$10 million. Whilst the marriage never lasted (the couple divorced in June 2002) the wedding was considered the wedding of the decade.

There are not too many photos available of this wedding, and the one's i've found also came with some vicious comments about Jodhi, her dress and the lack of a smile on the bride. Personally i like her dress... i soon realized why... it's a "Vera" (Vera Wang). Her going-away outfit (or reception dress) is Rebecca Davies from Bare (another one of my favourite Australian designers). What do you think?

Images via I Do

2 Love Notes:

Sharnel said...

I think she is gorgeous! And that's just how she is, she not a real smiler. Apart from the money, i wouldn't be smiling too much either. James isn't the prettiest thing is he?
I took a little something from their wedding invite and used it on ours in 2000 - dress sharp and glamorous!

Frog Princess said...

Oh really? What was their wedding invitation like? I can't find anything on the net ...