Tuesday, January 19, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Rain on your wedding day once bought a flood of tears to a brides eyes, now, it brings tears of joy! Why not add a touch of fun and a splash of colour to a rainy day by donning a pair of gum boots (wellies, wellingtons, galloshes, rubber boots...whatever you like to call them they are all super fun).

Row 1: Meg Perotti, personal photo of my friends wedding.
Row 3: Art of Love, Elizabeth Messina
Row 4: Susan Stripling (both images)

I couldn't finish this post without adding these gorgeous swarovski diamonte rubber boots by Aigle... how gorgeous for the biggest and best day of your life ! And who can resist a pair of cosy Ugg boots to keep you warm and fuzzy.

Row 1: Aigle Miss Juliette Nuit boots via Shiny shoes (both images)

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