Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Display

Christmas has come and gone for yet another year, and although I had a lovely lunch in Paris with all my work colleagues, I still can't wait to be home with my family and friends and host a fake Christmas party. Until then, these photos will have to satisfy my Christmas spirit. I was able to pull together a small Christmas display for one flight I did this month. Now, don't go being too critical at the simplicity of it, you need to keep in mind that I was literally given one night to prepare this. In fact I was in-flight on my way to Paris when snow caused the airport to close, so we were diverted to the South of France. Thankfully that gave me the opportunity to call on Naomi Parsons of Scrumptious, for the most delicious cupcakes on the French Riviera. The rest... well, that was all pulled out of my magical carpet bag of goodies. Excess baggage counter spots me a mile away. Joyeux Noel !

Cupcakes have a French make-over
with Champagne, macaroons and a Diptyque Candle

Beautiful cupcakes from Scrumptious in the French Riviera

Lenotre chocolate box with a stunning stiletto
(I like to think it's a petit Christian Louboutin)

Savoury canapes accompany a Christmas cookie bouquet

Live, Love, Laugh... Indulge !!

2 Love Notes:

Terri said...

I bake macaroons all the time and just love those colors...thanks for the eye candy today. Terri

Frog Princess said...

It's a pleasure Terri. How lucky you are to bake your own macaroons !! I would be the size of a jet plane if i could bake my own. ooohhh i just had a delicious caramel macaroon with my morning coffee. Isn't life sweet ?!