Sunday, January 8, 2012

Majestic Morocco

Last week I was in Morocco, a country i would love to spend some more time exploring, there are so many wonderful inspiring ideas all around you there. My eyes were in visual heaven, from the decorative lanterns to the mosaic tiles and colorfully painted terracotta tagine dishes, i wanted to fill my suitcase with all the pretty decor. Then, as i drove through the streets i couldn't help but think about this gorgeous iconic fashion shot, by Patrick Lichfield, of Talitha Getty and her husband on a rooftop in Marrakesh. I so desperately wished that i had a photographer, a wedding dress and a loved up couple with me so we could stop and take some fabulous photos (believe it or not i often have this thought when i travel to a place i find different and interesting).

Morocco is a country full of delightful culture. Let the colours, textures and tastes inspire you for an exotic wedding feast.

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Anonymous said...

awesome pictures!

Frog Princess said...

Thanks Sofia !! I dare say this was one of my most favourite inspiration boards! So dreamy !! Thanks for taking the time to make your comment. Much love xoxo