Saturday, January 28, 2012

Flower Crowns

It seems the English really love their crowns, and they don't necessarily have to be gold or diamond encrusted either. Following the lead of English brides, Kate Middleton and Kate Moss, who both had their flowergirls wear floral halo's at their recent nuptials. Flower crowns are a super-pretty hot trend.

Don't be mislead, flower crowns aren't only for precious flower girls,
they are the perfect fashionable bridal accessory for a
beach, boho or country chic bride too...
the proof is in the pictures...swooonnnn !!

Row 2: via pinterest
Row 5: via pinterest

As featured in 2012 edition Discerning Bride magazine
as part of my Hot Trend List.

2 Love Notes:

Anonymous said...

Just thought I should let you know that the 2nd row is not just pinterest. 1st photo on the 2nd line belongs to Caught the Light Photography and besides that Amelia Lyon. It's nice to credit people to their work.

Frog Princess said...

THANK YOU sooo much. That is one reason why i don't like Pinterest because it doesn't promote the crediting of the owner of the photo. So i appreciate your assistance. As you can see i do my best to credit the photographers whoever the owner is not always known with sources such as pinterest.

Thank you kindly. Frog Princess xoxo