Saturday, January 8, 2011

Viva Las Vegas Baby!!

You could be right in thinking that your marriage is doomed if you ran away and got hitched in Las Vegas. After-all it has produced some of the shortest lived celebrity marriages ever, including Britney Spears to her childhood sweetheart, Jason Alexander (married for just 55 hours), and Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman (married for 9 days). But not all celebrity Vegas weddings end in disaster, so neither should yours. There really is something exciting, crazy, wild and dare-devilish about eloping to Las Vegas.

Where do you start because it seems like Sin City is littered with little chapels to declare your love in. There's even a 24 hour drive-thru wedding window... now that's what i call a 'quickie'. Well, to start your Vegas wedding search, here are just a few of the famous chapels to consider... Viva Las Vegas Baby !!!

A Little White Chapel is probably the most famous of all the chapels. Chapel fee is US $55, all extras, from candles to bridal gown & bouquets are priced individually. Bruce Willis & Demi Moore, aswell as Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow were married here.

Graceland Wedding Chapel is home to the original Elvis wedding ceremony, though traditional and non-Elvis packages are just as popular. Jon Bon Jovi was married here in 2001. Packages from US $199- $499

Chapel Of The Bells has been around for over fifty years, and has seen celebrities, athletes and countless others proclaim their love here. Kelly Ripa was married here. Packages from US $135- $495

Chapel Of The Flowers was voted 'Best Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas 2010' by the Las Vegas Review Journal... and taking a look at their website, their is certainly nothing Vegas tacky about their styling. Packages range from US $195 - $3,495.

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