Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bridal Headdress

If there is one thing i love about Facebook, it's the fact that i often find some amazing wedding photos on there from friends who have attended weddings. Unfortunately due to privacy acts i can not share some of the images i find but can share some wonderful ideas with you.

Today i found photos of the most beautiful wedding in Sydney... the bride was breath-taking! What i loved was her hairstyle and "not-veil". What she wore instead of a veil was a headdress similar to that of Nicole Richie's below... except the brides was made of diamonte and swarovski crystals. It looked stunning !!!! and sooooo chic.

Here are a selection of different bridal headdress designs. Though most of these are shown worn on the forehead, if you pull the piece back off your face a little and allow some of your hair to fall foreward, they look truly beautiful and very fashion forward.

For more bridal headdress and head bands
take a look at Jennifer Behr and Sheena Holland

Audrey Hepburn wears a headdress with style

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