Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who Says You Can't... Have A Man of Honor

At various times in life i've found myself with more male friends than female friends, and i've always remained good friends with my ex-boyfriends. When i received an email from one of my close male friends today, i remembered how i had always imagined him standing alongside me on my wedding day. I'm not so sure if this would be the case anymore, simply because we've lost contact (mainly because of distance) over the years. But it got me thinking again about who my closest friends are, and if there would still be a man in my line of bridesmaids. Is it still a bit strange for a bride to have a male friend in her bridal party?

In the movie, Maid of Honour, when Hannah gets engaged she asks her best friend, Tom, to be her 'man of honour'. Although in this case her man of honour has ulterior motives and wants to prove that in fact he is the 'best man'... for her!

Your man of honour will look picture perfect on your wedding day...

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