Thursday, June 24, 2010

Darb Bridal

For a designer, i don't think you could receive a bigger compliment than to be chosen to design the wedding gown for the daughter of the countries Prime Minister. The honor of this duty in Australia went to designer Brad Webb of Darb Bridal Couture in Brisbane, who designed the gown of Jessica Rudd, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's daughter (well former Prime Minister as of today).

Designer Brad Webb of Darb Bridal Couture has been around for a long time, but he seems to keep a low profile... perhaps because he's so busy personally creating each and every gown with so much pride that he doesn't have time to prance around the country trying to become a tv star like one Australian designer (ouch! sorry but Alex Perry is seriously getting under my skin lately).

It is Mr Webb's stunning 'Dior' inspired bridal gowns with their big bows, french lace and silk tulle that are wooing the fashionista brides, and making dreams come true. Brad Webb you seriously are a brides fairy Godmother (well father). I salute you !!!

Row 2-5: Fashion Scene

Real life brides shine in Darb Bridal gowns.

I can't wait to see a 'real bride' wear this Darb Bridal Couture gown
which is currently being showcased in the shop window in Brisbane Arcade,
absolutely stunning !

Shop 7, The Brisbane Arcade
Queen Street
Brisbane Qld 4000
Phone: (07) 3221 9770

2 Love Notes:

Sharnel said...

totally agree with you there Nicky. I love Darb Bridal. I have a photo i took on my iphone of a gown he designed with navy and white grosgrain ribbon. it's gorgeous!

Frog Princess said...

Isn't he AMAZING !! If you look at the gown on the 2nd row, with the little bolero jacket, it also has a navy and white grosgrain ribbon... so pretty. Brad Webb is the best