Friday, September 21, 2012

Dilek Hanif's Party Princess Reception Dress

I'm obsessed with the idea of having a second wedding dress to wear at your wedding reception. A dress that you can kick your heels up in and dance the night away with your newly declared husband. Today i found two dresses that would be just perfect for a party princess bride (i am absolutely smitten with this first dress... sooo much fun!)


Dilek Hanif is an innovative designer from Istanbul who is known for her creative and joyful designs. Her Spring/Summer 2012 collection used silk, lace, organza and embroidery to create gowns that celebrate a woman's body in a sensual yet elegant manner. Dilek Hanif is a true emblem of modern Turkey and her designs are unique and artistic.

Visit Dilek Hanif to see more inspirational designs

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