Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vintage Ice Cream Van

I know it's Winter here in Australia, and i shouldn't really be thinking of ice cream... but i can't help it. I just love vintage style ice cream vans and the idea of having one at your wedding reception. I was at a park recently with some friends and the instant we heard the chime of the ice cream van we all started running towards it. The sweet sound bought out the child in us and we couldn't resist. Money in hand we all stood in line anxiously waiting for our ice creams even though we were so full from lunch we still couldn't resist. I just love this idea and excitement of having an ice cream van arrive at your reception and i'm sure your guests will too! 

Row 1: Vintage Scoops
Row 2: Cotton Candy Weddings 
Row 3: Ben Adams Photography
Row 4: Via Pinterest
Row 5 & 6: Vintage Scoops
Row 7: Daisy The Vintage Ice Cream Van
Row 8: Gingers Comfort Emporium
Row 9: Split Screen Ice Cream

If you are in South-East Queensland  I met the wonderful Allan and his Whippy Ice Cream van recently at an event. You can contact Allan on 0418 881 036 or email to discuss hiring your very own Whippy ice cream van for your wedding or engagement party.

2 Love Notes:

Lucie said...

What an amazing idea. I miss seeing these from when I was a kid.

Frog Princess said...

Isn't it such a fun idea !!! It adds another element of surprise to your wedding day and guests would love it... plus it makes for great photos xx