Friday, July 6, 2012

Millyjane Photography... Refreshingly Different

I go to a lot of wedding fairs, and whilst not all of them are well put together, i generally find that there is at least one supplier that will impress me. Recently i went to a fair that was not exactly warm and inviting or impressive at all, but two young girls made up for that. Milly Jane and Kirsty are the brains behind Millyjane Photography. A photography studio that is a little bit different, a little bit quirky and a big bit gorgeous !!

The two girls work as a team to create fun, relaxed and creative photos. Milly brings a romantic stylised element while Kirsty adds a touching emotive photojournalist style. Together they are visual storytellers for people in love.

This recent couples shoot stopped me in my tracks. It's a story in three parts, an open field, a stunning lake and a fairy light, fairytale ending. Who wouldn't love to have a photo like this sitting on their mantle piece?

See more gorgeous photography work by visiting Millyjane photography 

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