Friday, June 1, 2012

Lemon Canary Wedding Candles

If you haven't yet discovered Lemon Canary , you don't know what you are missing out on.  Lemon Canary is an artisian soy candle company that makes the most gorgeous vintage styled eco-friendly candles you can ever imagine. They are the types of candles that fill a room with a scent that you want to breathe in forever. Owner Jasmine is one of those people who oozes passion for her product... and that in itself is beautiful. Her unique vintage preserve jars dated back to 1913 and are sourced from here, there and everywhere. So unique and valuable to this candle maker that she will refill the jar at a discount if you return it.

So what can Lemon Canary do for your wedding? Well, what can't they do? Lemon Canary has a plethora of candle products available ranging from travel size tin candles to Apothecary jars and a new Luxe range which would make great gifts for bridesmaids. But don't just go there thinking you'll just buy a few candles... oh no !!! Jasmine will work with you to create a scent that matches your wedding. So plan ahead and be ready with information about what flowers you are having in your bridal bouquet and your table settings, and what perfume you will wear as well. Lemon Canary believes our sense of smell is the light switch to our memories. Just imagine the wonderful emotions of happiness and love your guests will be reminded of if you gave them one of these candles as a bonboniere. Thi

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