Thursday, February 9, 2012

Grill'd Burger Airstream Wedding Feast

I've been loving vintage caravans for a long time now, and when Grill'd healthy burgers added a funky airstream van to their company i was just thrilled. Having seen couples arrange an ice-cream van to visit and serve treats to their wedding guests, i got to thinking, how cool would it be to have the Grill'd airstream arrive and serve delicious burgers and the best french fries ever, to your wedding guests. Not only does the caravan look uber-cool but the delights they dish out are super-delicious. This idea is bound to be a hit... especially late at night after dancing the night away.

And... as it happens, the lovely Ms Polka Dot over at Polka Dot Bride
has just showcased a wedding on their blog today that did exactly this.
The happy couple, Matt and Julie, held a beautiful garden wedding and
has the Grill'd Airstream on hand for a delicious dinner... how fabulous !!

Head over to Polka Dot Bride to see more of this wonderful wedding
photographed by Jonathan Ong

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Fri @ Wedding Nouveau said...

Love your blog. Always a source for fresh inspiration.

engagement rings said...

Brilliant:) Absolutely love it!:)

Frog Princess said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment. It's always so rewarding. Wedding Nouveau, I am in love with your magazine !! I discovered you through the amazingly talented Elizabeth Messina and am actually planning to write about you soon. I fell off my chair when i saw that YOU read MY blog. Thank you for your support.