Monday, November 21, 2011

The Last First Kiss

If you are a bride-to-be in Brisbane, there's a little secret that's spreading like a summer wild-fire and you need to act fast on it... before you miss out!

I'm spilling the Milque, again, about photographer Natalie Lynn of Milque Photography. I've showcased her work before but honestly she is just going from strength to strength, as pretty young brides discover her superb photography style. Having just launched a new blog, The Last First Kiss, to showcase her work, you'll see this ex-fashion model, knows a thing or two about creating the perfect image. I'm so excited that there's somebody local producing wedding shots that Brisbane brides once only dreamed of having taken. But mark my word, this photographer will soon be impossible to get a booking with! So, if you're newly engaged, set your date and book Milque Photography now!!! I'm not kidding... this kind of Milque is seriously hot !!!

I swear, it was so hard to edit this post. It was near impossible to pick only a few photos to show you. There are so many more must-see images for you to drool over. Just visit Milque Photography or their gorgeous new blog The Last First Kiss. I can't get enough of this Milque!!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing