Monday, September 5, 2011

Gelato Bar

If i had to make a list of my favourite things in life, one of them would definitely be ice-cream. I guess that comes as no surprise as i've written before about having a vintage ice-cream van arrive at your wedding or setting up a vintage ice-cream stall and serving ice cream cones.

It's all about the experience of having interactive food and dessert bars... they are a very popular feature at weddings these days. So when last month i attend an event for The Wedding Collective in Brisbane, i almost melted when i saw the superb gelato ice bar they had... Bravo! ... I am adding this to my 'dream wedding' scrapbook. Serving gelato out of an ice sculpted bar is so perfect for a Queensland wedding.

Above: Gelati Bar by Wine & Dine'm in Brisbane

Another fabulous ice sculpture ice-cream bar (J Grace Photograph)

If an extravagent ice bar doen't fit into your budget, why not place ice cream tubs in decorative bowls filled with crushed ice. It's like Caviar for kids !! Or you could even serve your ice cream in individual ice bowls. For that extra special touch, freeze rose petals into the bowls.

How cute is this !!! Individual ice-creams in mini mason glasses! Simply fill a display bowl with crushed ice, and rest the ice cream (or gelato) filled mason glasses around it. Super sweet !!

2 Love Notes:

Tess said...

I am nowhere near being even close to getting married... But I love your website! I especially love the idea about individual servings of ice cream in mason jars. A perfect touch for a more vintage, rustic, country-type event.

Thanks for supplying me with so many lovely pictures!

Frog Princess said...

Hi Tess, Thank you so much for your support. Don't worry, i am no where near getting married either, but that doesn't mean i can't keep dreaming!

Hope you continue to enjoy my little blog.

Best wishes,

Frog Princess xx