Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Miniature Candle Favors

I'm a huge fan of candles. I always have one burning in my Dollshouse (that's what my house is called... the Dollshouse). When i saw these gorgeous mini candles, by Glasshouse Fragrances, in a store in Brisbane i seriously wanted to buy them all and store them somewhere incase i ever get married myself. They are so chic and elegant and come in a myriad of colours, so no matter what colour theme your wedding is, there is a candle perfect for you. I know that if i was attending a wedding and saw one of these sitting on the table as a favor, i would be very impressed and de-lighted !! Flaming fabulous i say !!

$16.95 AUD each

Jo Malone available at David Jones
22 English Pound each (approx $35 AUD)
Miller Harris (click here for stockists)
10 English Pound each ($16 AUD each)

Approx $50 AUD for box of two

Salt & Pepper Candle Pots via Domayne
$14.95 AUD small

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Kalpesh said...

This post is wonderful as it helps me to get the sort of information that i needed. I am thankful to get your post when was searching candle favors

Frog Princess said...

Hi Kalpesh, I'm glad you enjoyed the post and i hope it has inspired you to create a gorgeous candle favor. Thanks for your kind comment. Frog Princess x