Sunday, June 19, 2011

Champagne Coupe

I think i'm in a retro funk at the moment. Between my obsession with cane peacock chairs, one piece catsuits and Bridgette Bardot bouffants... i'm now adding Champagne coupes to that list.

The uber-chic open-lip, rounded glasses are said to be inspired by Marie Anoinette's breast and actually came into Vogue in the 1930's. Now-a-days they are mainly used for weddings as a dramatic and elegant display for a Champagne tower. But for me, i love their classic glamour and would use them any day of the week.

The problem with these beauties is that over the years the general taste of Champagne has changed, from sweet carbonated Champagnes to mostly dry less fizzy varieties of today. And, since the broad area of the coupe allows the liquid to lose its carbonation quickly, something that dry champagnes do not sit well with, the usage of these classy glassy's has become a Champagne no-no !! But to heck with that !!! The glamour of them far out-weights the practicality of them.

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