Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hugh Hefner Announces Engagement

OMG ! Playboy owner Hugh Hefner has announced he is planning to marry for the third time! The 84 year old asked girlfriend of two years Crystal Harris, 24, to marry him on Christmas night.

As a closet-lover of 'The Girls Next Door', I am in shock about this announcement because Hef's previous girlfriend of 7 years, Holly Madison, deseparately wanted to marry him and have babies with him, but ended the relationship because of his resistance. Wow, i'm shocked that Hef has proposed to his latest 'number 1 girlfriend'. No doubt the wedding with be at the Playboy Mansion as Hef doesn't like to leave the mansion much. But what can i say, what 84 year old wouldn't want to hang-on to this 24 year old glamour ??... Do i hear the sound of a pre-nup ??

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