Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wedding Gowns on ebay

I started pondering recently about what brides do with their wedding gowns after the big day. Do you keep them in a box to collect dust forever in the hope that you will give birth to a daughter who would be silly enough to wear it some 30 years later? A friend suggested that you have a christening gown for your first born made out of it... or do you do the sensible thing and sell it on, for another excited bride to enjoy?

On this note, I decided to have a look around ebay to see what Australian designer gowns are available for a budget conscious bride. Here are my top 5 gowns on ebay today...

J'aton on ebay Buy it now $4,500 (originally $9,000)

Collette Dinnigan on ebay ends 28th November $1,950 (originally $3,950)

Connie Simonetti on ebay Buy it now $3,000 (originally $9,700)

Karen Willis Holmes on ebay ends 5th November $399.95
(originally $1,489)

Mariana Hardwick on ebay ends 7th November $850 (originally $5,500)

And my pick for International designer for sale on Australian ebay...
Vera Wang on ebay ends 5th November $3,990 (originally $8,500)


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Anonymous said...

Great finds. Well done Frog Princess.

Anonymous said...

Your Frog Prince is very lucky to be so loved and cherished. I hope you have a nice birthday together.