Monday, September 6, 2010

Marquee Magic

I have grass envy !!! I think it's because i spend so much time in hotel rooms that i've developed an obsession with gorgeous lush green grass (crazy, i know). So when i visited a friends new house last week, i immediately took off my shoes and ran around barefoot on his new lawn. As i sat on his day bed, still mesmerized by the pool and thick green grass, i started imaging what a magnificent party he could have with a marquee on the lawn. I was imagining a chic engagement party, but because his lawn area is small i envisaged two sittings... a breakfast/ brunch for family... and then an uber-chic soiree in the evening for friends (aka 'the party people'). And in Australia nobody does marquee's better than Splendid Days.

Raj Tent Club London, has some great style ideas for and Arabian style soiree

Raj Tents as featured in Brides magazine (above)

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Anonymous said...

This is very beautiful. You inspired me for my wedding. Thank you.