Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Call Me Angel Of The Morning, Angel

My favourite time of the day is mornings. My entire family are 'early-to-bed, early-to-rise' types. Frog Prince loves mornings too... that was until he met me!

In the mornings Frog Prince calls me 'radio Dj'. When i wake i am alive, happy and full of life. For him, it takes some time to open the eyes and begin to function. I know i annoy the heck out of him, but I've tried to explain that i've not always been this way, its basically all his fault.

You see, when i wake and open my eyes to see him next to me... i get so excited... so so sooooo excited !!! And then i start to giggle!! I can't help it... when i see him next to me i want to touch his skin, hug him and kiss him. I want to make sure that all of this hasn't just been one long dream... i need to see if he is truly real!! So i'll lean over and pretend to 'accidently' touch him in my sleep. Problem is, by this time he has sensed that i'm awake (and add to that the fact that i'm trying to hold back giggles of laughter because i know just how naughty i am being!!) Then i get in trouble and Frog Prince starts croaking at me for waking him. And i just smile and giggle... life is too short to not enjoy every second that i am with my gorgeous Frog Prince. Whenever he comes into my view, when i wake, when he walks into a room, when i watch him walk ahead of me... i just melt and think how lucky i am to have found someone who makes me feel this way... And i just know this feeling will last a lifetime.

"You came along just like a song and brightened my day. Who'd have believe that you were part of a dream. Now it all seems light years away. And now you know I can't smile without you, I can't smile without you, I can't laugh and I can't sing. I'm finding it hard to do anything."

My point of this whole story is that your engagement photos will be all that more captivating if you draw on something that is special between you and your partner. Something that makes you smile, something that makes you shine! Something that will forever remind you (or annoy you) about the love of your life.

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Anonymous said...

such a beautiful story to read. how fortunate you to have such love in you life.

Anonymous said...

the love story made me cry. beautiful love.