Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Will You Be My Valentine... & My Wife ?

With Valentine's Day just a few days away I can almost feel the nervousness of the thousands of sweet frogs who are busy preparing to ask their Princess ..."Will you marry me?" (I think I must be able to feel this because i'm writing from Paris... the city of love...hahaha).

I can't wait till all the magazines get a hold of these sweet tales. I love hearing all the wonderful, imaginative marriage proposals and their unique, quirky twists.

Here is some good news for all the little frogs out there, your fairy godmother has arrived, in the form of jewelry houses! The likes of Asprey, Cassegrain and Tiffany are all making it a lot easier for you to propose with some superb key items that truly speak for themselves.

Lost for words ? An Asprey, 'Marry Me' jigsaw does the hard work for you.
Or a sterling silver postcard, will have your proposal signed, sealed and delivered.

Personally I've always loved the Love Letter necklace from Cassegrain in France. And it seems Brad Pitt also likes them (he presented his beloved Angelina Jolie with one in 2007). The 18k gold pendant is actually a small envelope which holds a personalized engraved love note... or marriage proposal. I love it !! (don't love the price tag, starting at 1280 Euro ($2015 AUD)

And of course my all time classic favourite, key pendants from Tiffany & Co.

Did I mention that I finally got a Tiffany key? Although mine didn't come with a marriage proposal, just some sweet words from my frog prince that I'll treasure forever.

Happy Valentine's day planning little frog men !!!

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