Sunday, November 15, 2009

Light Up

Victoria tourism always seems to have the most wonderful television advertisements. Their latest installment captured my attention when it showed a scene of an elegant and glamorously dressed woman walking along a pebbled driveway. that is lined with mis-matched lamps. I love the romantic feel of it, and it has inspired me to show how lamps can be used as table centrepieces.

Row 1 & 2: Victoria Tourism

More outdoor lamps as seen at: Mondrian Miami, Furniture Store Blog and Trendir

There are some truly captivating ways in which you can use a lamp or lamp shade as a table centrepiece. If your lamp already holds a lot of attention it's probably best if you simply place a few flowers around its base, but if you let your creative juices flow, you can take a simple lamp shade place it atop a vase filled with orchids, floating glass balls or even gold fish.

Row 1: Brides
Row 4: unknown, Martha Stewart
Row 5: unknown, totallyweddingplanning

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wedding Photo Booth

I love anything that adds entertainment value to a party, especially the biggest party of your life, your wedding. So of course, I'm just crazy about photo booths. But what I love even more than hiring the old-fashioned, classic, curtained photo booths, i simply love the idea of setting up your own photo area for playful candid shots of everyone letting their hair down.

Don't give up on the idea of having a photo booth if you find they are all booked out on the date of your wedding. Take inspiration from some of the d.i.y booths posted here, and why not ask your 15 year old nephew (who really finds weddings and love completely gross anyway), or even a friends son, to be the photo booth photographer for the night . Remember the photos are meant to be candid and not perfect anyway... Smile xx

Row 2: unknown, b magazine
Row 3: Jose Villa (1 &2), Kiss The Groom

These booths seriously book out quickly, so to help you get 'snapping', here are a few photobooth companies around Australia.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Birdcage Veil

Vintage glamour birdcage veils, (the bridal equivalent of a fascinator for race days), are back in fashion. As much as they are vintage, they are now reinventing themselves with a contemporary and modern vibe. Worn to the front, to the side or high on your crown, a birdcage veil adds drama to the eyes and oozes sophisticated grace and glamour.

Celebrities Katherine Heigl (with husband Josh Kelly) and Jessica Alba (in Fantastic Four) both wear a birdcage veil with style.

Row 3: Kristin Vining via Style Me Pretty
Row 9: Ok Magazine