Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Kiss on the Forehead

I have a confession to make... I love kissing! Actually not just love it, I looooooovveee it.

When a guy kisses me on the forehead, I'm gone! I simply melt and turn to liquid. I truly think it's the most endearing, divine and loving kiss you can possibly receive. I have been known to get a little cranky when a boyfriend gives me a kiss on the forehead, because the second their lips brush against my forehead, well i'm gone !!! My heart does a back-flip, butterflies start fluttering in my tummy and knees go all weak... It's then that I hit the floor... fallen in love. There's no turning back after a kiss on the forehead. I've turned around on many occasions and said "Why did you have to go and do that? Now you've ruined everything." These kisses are very special treasures.

Now go ahead and lose yourself in these images... they prove that a kiss on the forehead screams "I Love You Like Nothing On Earth... You Are The One !!!"

First Row: Fergie for Elle magazine, Tec Petaja Photography

3 Love Notes:

Katie said...

do you have the link for the 8th picture?

Frog Princess said...

Hi Katie... The photographer for the first photo on the 4th row is Tec Petaja... sorry but his links on his blog just go to the latest one and don't bookmark.
A few more shots of this wedding can be found on ... hope this helps.

Frog Princess x

Frog Princess said...
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